Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome Baby Beckett!

This is my newest little nephew
William Beckett
isn't he so super cute!!
Congrats Hardings - he is a beautiful baby!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I LOVE my little guy!!

The rest of the trip

It has taken me FOREVER to get all of these pictures up. I have so many and I just haven't felt like doing it. But I am now. So here's the last ones of the trip.......at least we all hope so!

Central Park - very nice!
And of course you have to go jogging in central park like Phoebe from Friends!

A visit to the Met. For some reason I really wanted to go - but I always forget that I get bored of museums VERY fast! I can do the whole thing in about an hour - Matt, not so much.
We'll have to work that out sometime I guess.

The Plaza! We really wanted to go - and we really had to go to the bathroom. We figured the plaza would be the perfect place. We were wrong. Pretty sure they don't have public restrooms there............unless we weren't looking hard enough. Not sure.

The Lady Liberty - I quite liked her!

Checked out some sweet stuff at FAO Schwarz - that place is amazing!
I could have spent a lot of money on Aiden. I managed to spend nothing!

They had so many Ugly Dolls there - Aiden's favorite!
So this picture is for him!We drove by the temple really fast on a bus tour. It was very different than the ones here.
Neat to see!
The Top of The Rock Observation Tower. Very high up.........and amazing views!!

The Whole Gang - way up high!
Checking out the goods at the NBC store........
Why did I not buy this shirt?!?! I carried it around with me - and then changed
my mind at the last minute. Big mistake!
The man with the giant ball

This was a really neat, huge, old church that we went in. Everyone was looking around taking pictures. So I did too. Until this really old woman (who was praying) stopped and swore at me because I apparently flashed her in the eyes with my camera flash. Whoops!

New York was a fantastic place to go! And it's great that you can probably go a bunch of times and have a completely different vacation every time. Me and Matt have already decided that our next visit there will be way more shopping and shows - not so much touristy stuff.
We went to two shows when we were there. Avenue Q - very funny!!
and Wicked - which was AMAZING!!! If you can ever see it - DO!! You will LOVE it!!
Anyways, fun times!