Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas??

Life is slowly returning back to normal after the Christmas holidays. We had a very interesting holiday this year filled with all kinds of fun things:

-Trip to emergency with Aiden: ear infections in both ears and that horrible wheezing/not breathing good thing going on.

-Second trip to emergency with Aiden just 2 days later: fell on the hardwood floor and split his chin open. Aiden was not real happy to be back there, poor kid. Luckily he didn't need stitches. Unfortunately we had to wait there for about 3 hours to find that out.

-Got some lovely smelling lotion from bath and body works. I lathered it on thick everywhere since my skin is so dry lately - apparently I'm allergic to that kind and I ended up with a giant, red itchy rash everywhere.

-Matt's last day of work was supposed to be a super fun Christmas Extravaganza: he ends up having probably his worst day of work ever, and ends up with something to stress about for his holiday.

-Leave for Fernie: horrible driving conditions. Takes an hour and a half to get through Calgary alone! It was a very scary/stressful drive, but we finally make it. Unfortunately my brother goes into the ditch in his brand new car driving from Edmonton to our house.

-Sledding at Fernie: not a fantastic idea in the pitch black. Matt's sister crashed and bruised her hip really bad and broke 4 ribs. Not fun!

-Christmas Eve: My semi-bad cold got super bad. I slept for approximately 1 hour that night. Boy was I a joy to be around for the next few days! Sick, tired and pregnant do not mix well!

-Matt goes home to sort out some work stuff, on his way home he gets a giant speeding ticket.

-Matt attends a funeral for a long-time family friend. We also had one other to attend, but we weren't able to.

-My cousins were driving down to the MTC and crashed their car. Luckily they were both fine - the car was not so lucky.

-Finally come home to find that our car battery is toast, and the car is parked in the garage. So now we have to park outside. The router for our computer also decided it was time to break, so we need a new one of those as well.

-I've sliced my finger today and have I also have some wierd red rash thing going on under my eye. And that brings us up to date. haha!!

We are hoping that all of our bad luck ends soon! But even with it all, we did have a fantastic Christmas. And the bad things always make you extra grateful for the good things - which we have lots of!