Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary!


2 cities, 5 apartments
2 cars - 1 old, 1 new
5 years of School - and 1 more to go!
1 Trip to Disneyland
4 Tropical Vacations
4 Snowboarding Trips
1 Beautiful Baby Boy
Lots of laughing - A few tears
an "I LOVE YOU" every day
Lots of Hugs and Kisses
Millions of Memories
1 Truly Blessed Life Together

Happy Anniversary Matt!! I love you tons!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another Trip Down South

This past week we were down south again. Matt went to an office in Brooks and one in Medicine Hat. Things went really well at both places and now we have a little bit to think about. Matt wants to go to a few more places and see a few more offices. We'll see what happens with that. It's crazy that we will have to be making such a HUGE decision so soon.
In other news, my younger brother Connor is participating in a German exchange. His partner came here this week. His name is Ubald - he's a real cute and fun kid. We had a lot of fun getting to know him.
On Saturday, my whole family, minus Darrin (we missed you Darno!) had a really fun day at Drumheller. We started off at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. It is an amazing museum - everyone should go there at least once.

Ubald and Connor

Matt is the Garden - he kindof blends in a little bit.


Triceratops - my favorite dinosaur!

A sabre-toothed tiger attacking a mammoth. Scary!

Yikes!! The dinosaurs were really scary!

Aiden enjoying the museum

Some other kind of dinosaur

The most scary dinosaur of all - T-REX!!

A wall of bubbles - Aiden thought it was super fun!

Me and Mom in the gift shop

Connor, Jason and Me on the suspension bridge. Scary!

Katey, Ben, Jason and Brigham - what a great looking bunch!

After the museum, we went to the splash park for a little while. Aiden took a while
to warm up to it - but he eventually had a good time.

Ben getting sprayed

Aiden doing some crawling

Aiden and Grandpa

Aiden looking extremely cute!

Playing in the fountains

The best picture we could get of our family. Thank you Matt.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


This past weekend I went to Victoria with my mom and my little brother Connor. I was really excited about going - but a little bit nervous about it as well. Mostly because I decided to leave Aiden at home with Matt. It was the first time that I had left Aiden for more than a few hours - and the first time that Matt had watched him for more than a few hours. But, everything turned out great. Matt and Aiden had a lot of fun at home together and I don't think that either one missed me that much. And even though I missed both of them, I really enjoyed my time away! It was so nice to be able to sleep in a little bit and to be able to go wherever you want whenever you want, and to not have to worry about dragging a baby along!

The first day I was there, me and my mom went to Butchart Gardens. It is beautiful there! I can't believe how many different kinds of plants and flowers there are. It really made me wish that I could have a garden, but probably if I tried to grow anything, it would be dead within a week! haha! Anyways, here are a few pictures from the gardens.

The next day we went to the ocean for a little bit. It was really chilly and windy out - and we weren't too anxious to go - but I think it's a rule that you have to go to the ocean when you are so close to it. So, we did. Even though it was really cold out - it was still really pretty. But also SUPER smelly! And it's not really an inviting ocean, like in Hawaii or Mexico or someplace like that.

After our pit stop at the ocean - we went to the Parliament building. It is such a grand looking building. Really neat! We were going to go on a tour - but we ended up not having enough time. Oh well. Maybe it would have been boring anyways.

After the parliament adventure - we went and picked up my brother Connor and went for a delicious lunch at Fisherman's Wharf. We had real fish and chips and some delicious crab legs. Yummy! I look really creepy in this picture. I was trying to show off the crab claw - but I just look like a nerd. Oh well.

The main reason that we went to Victoria was because Connor was in a big week-long vocal camp "Viva Voice" or something like that. It was about 40 kids from Alberta and BC, aged 14-18. They were all hand-picked by the lady that ran the camp, so they were all INCREDIBLE singers! They put on a big concert on the last night of the camp - it went for like, 4 hours or something crazy like that. But it was super good. Everyone sang a solo, and they had a choir number, some creative dancing (super funny! Connor laughed during the entire thing. Needless to say, the instructor wasn't overly impressed) and then a big number at the end that was a bunch of songs from different musicals. That was my favorite part! I always want to be in something like that, with singing and dancing and a lot of people - it would be super fun! Anyways, Connor was really good. He is so talented - and I was really glad that I got to go and watch him! Here he is doing his solo!

We had one full day together when Connor's camp was finished. We had originally planned on going whale watching - but it was WAY to cold. So, we did some shopping and went to the museum.

Then we took a water taxi back to our hotel - which was right on the ocean. Super nice!

All in all - a really great trip! Thanks Mama!