Monday, July 27, 2009

some more New York

Our second day of New York starting with a Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour. (For anyone going to New York for the first time - I highly recommend it!) It's a great way to see a lot of things in not a lot of time. These pictures are from the Downtown Tour. Mostly buildings. But the buildings there are really neat! I wish buildings here would look more like they do there! I don't know what most of my pictures are of - but thought I'd share some anyways.

This next picture was taken at Ground Zero. They are doing TONS of
construction there- and the whole site is surrounded by a fence a big tarps.
So you pretty much can't see anything. Darn! It is wierd though to
have so many buildings packed together - and then a big
empty space with nothing in it.There was a little spot where you could peek through the fence - this is what was inside.

We were in New York on July 4th - so me and Matt thought we would check out the fireworks. To get a really good view - you needed to go down by the river, and apparently you had to be there by 4 to get a seat - the fireworks didn't start until 9:30. We weren't that interested in doing that all day - so we just decided to walk as far as we could. It was crazy!! It was jam packed with people! I don't think I have ever been so crowded in my life! We only had our tiny camera with us, so the pictures are kinda bad - but you can kindof get the idea.

They launched the fireworks from the river. They had 6 barges that launched 6 identical fireworks shows. And apparently, the whole thing was about a mile long. I think it would have been spectacular - had we been down at the river. We weren't though. So we only got to see the fireworks that were launched from one and a half boats.

Anyways, it was interesting. Nothing too amazing though. If I were in New York again on July 4th - I would definitely pick going to a broadway show over watching the fireworks. But I guess it's fun to say you did it.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New York - Day One!

Well - I have been doing pretty bad at this blogging thing lately. Oh well.
Anyways, Matt had a few weeks off of work, so we decided to go on a little trip to
My parents agreed to watch Aiden - so off we went for a much needed (or at least much wanted) vacation. We had never been away without Aiden before for more than a night or two. It was so awesome to be childless again for a few days! (even though we did miss Aiden a whole bunch)

Back to the trip. We went for 6 days, and Matt's parents and his younger sister came with us. We had such a fun time together - I LOVED pretty much everything.

This is what I looked like for most of the trip -which is why
I will probably be posting pics not all at once. I took so many pictures - crazy!

Day One - we arrived in New York in the early evening. So we had a few hours to walk around and see a few of the sights. Our hotel was just 2 blocks from Times Square - perfect location. Definitely not the Plaza - but it worked for what we needed.

So, here's Times Square. The pictures don't do it justice! This place is CRAZY busy!
So many people and taxis and billboards and so much NOISE!! Very Fun!

After walking around for a bit, we went for a delicious supper at Bubba Gump Shrimp. Yummy!

And then off to Matt's heaven - the M&M Factory! Look how happy he is!
So many M&M's. There were huge tubes like this all over the store -
with every kind of flavor imaginable.

Then we did a bit of shopping at the Hershey's store. We got these sweet Factory Worker hats.
We looked like nerds - Oh well!

And what better way to end your first night then to see the Naked Cowgirl!! Super SICKO!!
I would have preferred the Naked Cowboy I think.
Lots more to come - but not now. I'm too sleepy!