Monday, December 14, 2009

...All I Want For Christmas....

To Our Sunbeams Class:
"What is one thing you want Santa to bring you this year."
"A reindeer that is big enough to ride around. Or a car big enough to ride in."
"Santa isn't real....He died a long time ago."
and my personal favorite
"A scarecrow that is Jesus. Standing with his feet together and his arms out."
(hmmmm...not sure a crucifix is the way to go....haha)
Kids are funny!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Visit with Santa...

Last year we took Aiden to see Santa. He was not overly impressed.
This is the picture we got.
This year we decided to try again. We've really been talking about Santa
and Aiden is always excited to see anything Santa. We got to the mall and
Aiden waved and waved to Santa - he was all smiles.
Then came time to sit on Santa's lap.
Here's what we got.
Sorry Santa!! I think next year our picture will be really
funny with 2 little boys doing this!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's ready!

Fantastic News!! My new website is finally up and running. Matt did such a good job on it - especially since he has never made a website before.
Thank you Matt, you are my hero!!

Anyways, please check it out and tell me what you think!

Kari Gibb Photography

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Aiden!!

Yikes...It's Official! Aiden is 2!!
(as he is so wonderfully showing)

I can't believe that my little boy is two years old already. The time has just flown by! Wow!
Aiden has been such a blessing to have in our home. He is such a funny kid. I know that's what I always say about him, but it is true! He has such a big personality and he is always making everyone laugh. And he knows he's funny too - so he likes to ham it up as often as he can. I love that he has a fun personality and a sense of humor already!Aiden is a very strong-willed boy! He knows what he wants, and when he wants it. And he will definitely let you know! It's not great all of the time, but sometimes it's nice to know what he wants and how to make him happy.
Aiden is also a very smart kid. He talks a LOT! He loves to read books and sing songs - and he remembers things really well! He can count to 10 by himself (if someone helps him, he can't), and he can recognize what most numbers are. He knows all of his colors - the basics anyways. He knows what lots of different animals are - his favorites right now are monkeys, rhinos, and bison. He also knows all different kinds of vehicles - bus, plane, van, car, truck, tractor, train, etc. etc. etc. And he ALWAYS points them out to you. He loves learning new things and exploring new places - I love his zest for life!

Aiden is a very loving little boy! He loves me! :) We are best friends and he always wants to be where I am. Sometimes I get a bit annoyed - but I just have to remind myself how lucky I am to have someone love me and trust me so much. Aiden loves his dad. He loves playing games with him and tickling him and climbing all over him. They have so much fun together.
Aiden also loves his aunts and uncles and all of his cousins. He especially loves his "gamama" and "gapapa" (all of them). He gets so excited whenever we get to visit family!
Aiden is stinkin' cute!! It's true!! I don't know how we managed to come up with him (hopefully our next kid is just as lucky!!) I love his big hair, his giant cheeks, his funny teeth, and his gorgeous blue eyes (thank you for those Matt). I love his chubby tummy and his funny little bum, his little boy fingers and toes, everything! Even the funny scar right in the middle of his forehead! He is perfect!
There is so much more that I could say about Aiden, but I'll stop the essay!
I'm so grateful for my little boy - and I love him so much!
Happy Birthday Aiden - here's to another fun year!!
Aiden is talking a LOT lately. He says some really funny things already.
One of his most common phrases is "Excuse Me - Sorry", which he pronounces as "Smooze me - sorry". He says it to everyone.....when we walk past someone in the store, when he's standing in the way, when he's not in the way, to other cars on the road while we are driving, he says it all the time.
Last night Matt was getting out of his chair and Aiden was by his feet - so Matt looked at him and said "Smooze me Aiden". Aiden's repsonse, "NO - SMOOKS ME." Guess he has decided to change how that word is said. It was super funny! Probably only to me and Matt, but we were laughing so hard!! What a funny Kid!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's A.............

OK.....So I think most of you saw this on facebook already, but I thought I'd put it here too.
I just had another ultrasound - and we found out that we are having..........
I will admit that when the tech told me, I was a little bit sad. (I really want a little girl!) So, I left the ultrasound not feeling overly excited....happy that everything looked ok......but not jumping up and down excited. Later I was talking with my best friend Lianne - she was super excited for me and said "I can totally picture you with two little boys!" I don't know why something so simple made such a big difference - but it did. A soon as she said that I started thinking about how much fun it will be to have two little boys in our home. Aiden is so much fun, and I can only imagine what it will be like with two. So, I have warmed up to the idea! It's going to be great!

We went shopping last night to get a few things for Aiden. We talked ourselves into buying a few things that we normally wouldn't have, just because we now know that we can use them for two different boys. It will be nice that they can share clothes (because Aiden has TONS) and toys (which he also has TONS of). And hopefully the two of them will grow up being best buds!

Anyways, here is a picture of our little guy. There wasn't too many good shots from the ultrasound - but I really like how his little legs look. Very cute!

In other news, I have had quite the adventure with doctor stuff. Since I was 'fired' from my last office - I have been desperately trying to find a new doctor. I called every office in Airdrie - no one is taking patients. I went and got a list of doctors accepting new patients (it was the newest version - from August), called those numbers, they are all full now too. I finally called the maternity clinic at the Peter Lougheed - where you go if you can't find a doctor. They said I just needed a referral to go there. I went to my old doctor to see if they would give me one, they said not until I paid my fee. So I left there. Went to another place, but they couldn't give me one either. I started bawling and I felt really stupid, but they were super nice and gave me some numbers to call. Did that and still no one would see me.
Finally I phoned my mom! Mom's always have the answer! There is a doctor in her ward that agreed to send a referral for me, and she booked another ultrasound for me. So, I got in touch with the clinic at the Peter Lougheed - they are so busy that the earliest they could see me was in December sometime (I will be 26 weeks by the time it's December). I haven't had any check-ups, no one has listened to a heartbeat, nothing. Matt was pretty mad that I could be so far along in my pregnancy without really having any medical care at all. It does seem a bit crazy! But that was that.
Then today Matt's receptionist from work phoned. She is pregnant - having twins, very fun! And she heard from Matt about what's been going on. She was pretty upset about it and talked to her ob/gyn about me. And they agreed to take me!! So, I finally have a doctor again! I am so excited/relieved/happy/thankful/etc! This new doctor has already looked at my ultrasound stuff, she's very on the ball. She's sending me for one more ultrasound because they couldn't see the right ventricle - so I will go for that next week and make sure everything is ok. And then we will go from there I guess.

Now we just have to settle on a name.............hmmm............

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Me and Matt teach the Sunbeams class in our ward. It is a very interesting calling. We get to see some very funny things and hear a lot of interesting and funny things:
-We had a visitor in our class today - he told us that when he was a baby he fell out of the window of his new house. And when he was older he fell off of a tractor - that's why his head hurts sometimes.
-Today during our bathroom break I was informed by a girl in our class that she had very fancy panties - she got them at the store. She then proceeded to tell me all about them.
-at the same trip I was also told that if you want to wipe your bum, you need to fold your toilet paper. I guess it's a valid tip.
Kids are real funny!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friends Off

Dear Aiden,

We were going to have a fun day today. I took you to the library, we went to see dad at work, and then we went to the mall to find you a new backpack like your cousin Max has. At lunch time you started freaking out in the food court because I needed you back in the stroller. You are very hard to get in the stroller when you are flailing and screaming....but I was successful. You wouldn't stop screaming - everyone was staring at us - I decided to take you home. We went outside and you screamed even harder.....we got all kinds of good looks. You agreed to be good if we went inside again to get some food, and you were. Then we went to play with the trains. We played with them for a LONG time, and then it was time to go home. You did NOT want to do that!! You were freaking out so bad that I couldn't get you back in the stroller, so I had to carry you - and push the stroller - all the way through the mall and out to the car. You aren't a little boy wasn't that fun or easy. And you screamed and bawled the ENTIRE way. I wanted to scream and bawl back at are probably lucky that I didn't. (But I do wonder what our audience would have thought about that. hmmmmm)
Now you are in your bed screaming and bawling..........I'm going to leave you there for quite a bit longer. You need a nap and I need a break. Hopefully both of those things happen and then we can be friends again.

your mom

Thursday, October 15, 2009

So Thankful!

I'm so thankful for.......

.......Matthew. A fantastic husband, a wonderful father and my best friend........
.......Aiden. A funny little boy who makes me happy every day........... family - life would be lonely without you........ friends - you are all so much fun.......
........the gospel.........
.......having a hobby that keeps me busy and learning........ things - I LOVE having a nice home, a nice car, clothes, all of the comforts.........
..............etc. etc. etc.............

I hope you all had a terrific Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stupid Dr. Megaman!

I've been in Medicine Hat for the past few days spending time with the family and with my pal Lianne. I was going to go home today since I had a doctors appointment to go to tomorrow. I phoned the office to verify what time my appointment was at - and they told me it was actually last Thursday. Then they proceeded to tell me that I have to pay them $75.oo for missing an appointment before they will see me again for anything. I mentioned that I must have been a bit confused about the dates, and that they hadn't called to confirm, and that I thought it would be a good idea if they just gave me a warning. They didn't think any of that mattered.
So.....guess I'm finding a new doctor!! haha! I don't really feel like paying a bunch of money to a place where I don't even like going. Plus I'm mad at them (even though it was my fault)
So wish me luck in the doctor hunt!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

So - the big news in our #2 is on it's way!
I went for an early ultrasound to verify my dates - and they moved me up 2 weeks!
So, I'm going to go by that. Which means that the little gibblet should
be here sometime around March 13.
It also means that I'm 17 weeks already - nearly half done! WooHoo!
I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl - it was still too early to tell
but I'm hoping that I can find out at my next ultrasound.
Here's some pics of the little bean!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Something New??

The Gibb Family has been looking for a new vehicle.
The civic is still good....but we'd like something a bit bigger
and I think Aiden would appreciate not having his head bashed
every time he gets put in his car seat!
This is the car we've been looking at......Isn't it pretty?!?!
We'll see what happens I guess..........

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome Baby Beckett!

This is my newest little nephew
William Beckett
isn't he so super cute!!
Congrats Hardings - he is a beautiful baby!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I LOVE my little guy!!

The rest of the trip

It has taken me FOREVER to get all of these pictures up. I have so many and I just haven't felt like doing it. But I am now. So here's the last ones of the least we all hope so!

Central Park - very nice!
And of course you have to go jogging in central park like Phoebe from Friends!

A visit to the Met. For some reason I really wanted to go - but I always forget that I get bored of museums VERY fast! I can do the whole thing in about an hour - Matt, not so much.
We'll have to work that out sometime I guess.

The Plaza! We really wanted to go - and we really had to go to the bathroom. We figured the plaza would be the perfect place. We were wrong. Pretty sure they don't have public restrooms there............unless we weren't looking hard enough. Not sure.

The Lady Liberty - I quite liked her!

Checked out some sweet stuff at FAO Schwarz - that place is amazing!
I could have spent a lot of money on Aiden. I managed to spend nothing!

They had so many Ugly Dolls there - Aiden's favorite!
So this picture is for him!We drove by the temple really fast on a bus tour. It was very different than the ones here.
Neat to see!
The Top of The Rock Observation Tower. Very high up.........and amazing views!!

The Whole Gang - way up high!
Checking out the goods at the NBC store........
Why did I not buy this shirt?!?! I carried it around with me - and then changed
my mind at the last minute. Big mistake!
The man with the giant ball

This was a really neat, huge, old church that we went in. Everyone was looking around taking pictures. So I did too. Until this really old woman (who was praying) stopped and swore at me because I apparently flashed her in the eyes with my camera flash. Whoops!

New York was a fantastic place to go! And it's great that you can probably go a bunch of times and have a completely different vacation every time. Me and Matt have already decided that our next visit there will be way more shopping and shows - not so much touristy stuff.
We went to two shows when we were there. Avenue Q - very funny!!
and Wicked - which was AMAZING!!! If you can ever see it - DO!! You will LOVE it!!
Anyways, fun times!

Monday, July 27, 2009

some more New York

Our second day of New York starting with a Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour. (For anyone going to New York for the first time - I highly recommend it!) It's a great way to see a lot of things in not a lot of time. These pictures are from the Downtown Tour. Mostly buildings. But the buildings there are really neat! I wish buildings here would look more like they do there! I don't know what most of my pictures are of - but thought I'd share some anyways.

This next picture was taken at Ground Zero. They are doing TONS of
construction there- and the whole site is surrounded by a fence a big tarps.
So you pretty much can't see anything. Darn! It is wierd though to
have so many buildings packed together - and then a big
empty space with nothing in it.There was a little spot where you could peek through the fence - this is what was inside.

We were in New York on July 4th - so me and Matt thought we would check out the fireworks. To get a really good view - you needed to go down by the river, and apparently you had to be there by 4 to get a seat - the fireworks didn't start until 9:30. We weren't that interested in doing that all day - so we just decided to walk as far as we could. It was crazy!! It was jam packed with people! I don't think I have ever been so crowded in my life! We only had our tiny camera with us, so the pictures are kinda bad - but you can kindof get the idea.

They launched the fireworks from the river. They had 6 barges that launched 6 identical fireworks shows. And apparently, the whole thing was about a mile long. I think it would have been spectacular - had we been down at the river. We weren't though. So we only got to see the fireworks that were launched from one and a half boats.

Anyways, it was interesting. Nothing too amazing though. If I were in New York again on July 4th - I would definitely pick going to a broadway show over watching the fireworks. But I guess it's fun to say you did it.