Sunday, September 28, 2008

Better Luck Next Time!

Last week me and Lianne went out to take some cute pictures of the boys in their Halloween costumes. We found a great place, the weather was awesome, the costumes were adorable - everything was perfect! Except for the boys!! They were not as excited about picture taking as we were. I don't have a single picture of either boy smiling. But, I did manage to get this shot - which I think is SUPER funny!! And hopefully we'll have better luck next time.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mr. Aiden

I can't believe how big Aiden is getting! It is so fun to watch him
learn and grow everyday. I am so lucky to be able
to stay at home with him! He is getting to be such a fun little guy -
he has such a funny personality.
I love having him in our family!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Today I was babysitting for our neighbors Joel and Tristah.
Their little girl Aleah is so a cute and sweet!
I had to take a few pictures of her.
It was lots of fun - especially since I don't ever
get to take real girly pictures!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The McMullin Family

My friend Lianne has been wanting me to take family pictures for her for a while now.
I was really nervous about doing it - mainly because I didn't want them to turn out
really awful. But, it wasn't as bad as I thought. I didn't really know what I was
doing, but Ben, Lianne and even Cameron were all super helpful and cooperative
and patient with me! Thanks guys for putting up with my learning!!
Hopefully there's a few that you like!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Calgary Zoo

Last weekend we went on a little overnight trip to Calgary. We spent the night in a super classy hotel (ha ha!) My brother Darrin saw a deal on the internet for Super 8. For a few days, at 8:00 they had 800 rooms available for $8.88/night. Not too shabby! We were lucky enough to get one at that rate for us and for my parents. So, it wasn't the nicest hotel we've ever stayed in - but you definately can't beat the price!

The next day we had a quick breakfast with my Grandma Pat and Uncle Jay. We haven't seen either of them for a super long time and it was really nice . Then all of the big boys went to the Labor Day Classic and the girls and the little boys spent the day at the Calgary Zoo. I LOVE the Calgary Zoo - it's soo nice! Everyone should go! It was a pretty chilly day - but still a lot of fun! We got to see a lot of really cute animals - including the new baby elephant, the baby gorilla, and the baby giraffe. Super cute!!

Mama and Baby Giraffe

Mama and Baby Gorilla

Baby Elephant - I LOVE her hair!

Me and Aiden

Grandma and Aiden

I LOVED watching Aiden's expressions while
he was watching the animals. So cute!!

Aiden all comfy and cozy in his stroller

They had this super cute little bench by the baby elephant!
I think it makes a sweet picure!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Anniversary Follow Up

So we had a very fun and memorable anniversary. The day started off with Matt going for an hour long massage. He always has a really sore back and neck from school/work and I can never massage hard enough - it hurts my fingers too much! So I sent him to the pros. He LOVED it! The lady told him that he should find a massage therapist and get a massage twice a month because his back is all knotted and stuff. Would be nice for Matt, but bad for the wallet maybe. We'll see what happens I guess.

Matt came home with a huge bunch of beautiful roses from Costco. I LOVE Costco flowers. They are always so nice and they last a long time. Plus they are cheap too!

After that we hung out at home for while and played with Aiden. I had gotten tickets to the dinner theatre for 6:00 and Lianne was going to babysit for us. At 3:00 I noticed that Aiden had little red spots all over his back and tummy. Chicken Pox?? We took him to the medi-centre, but it was going to be at least a 2 hour wait, and we didn't really have time for that because we had to go on our date. So, bad irresponsible parents that we are, we left. We had to frantically find a new babysitter so that Aiden wouldn't share his spots with Cameron. Luckily our neighbours, Jarrett and Alana, were able to do it. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Anyways, we left Aiden and went out for a lovely evening. The dinner theatre was at the Mayfield - and the show was...

Before the show starts, there is a HUGE buffet. Breads, salads, veggies, sushi, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes (I know those are veggies, but it's a bit different) and every kind of meat. And then there are the desserts - yum. We loaded up our plates for during the show - a trick we learned from our last visit. We ate soo much food - it's a bit disgusting to think about. Oh well. The show was awesome! It was really funny and all of the actors/actresses were super. And there was even a dentist in it - perfect!

It was an awesome day! Oh, and we both got new watches - how fun! Mine is a Fossil watch. I always love Fossil watches. They are so nice and they come with that super cute box. I save every one - I'm not sure why, but I do. maybe one day they will come in handy. Anyways, here is my new watch. Super fancy!

And Matt's new watch is a Nixon. It's super nice! It's a bit classy, but still cool and fun. Just like him (awwwww)! It has a little diamond on the bottom, which at first Matt wasn't sure if he could pull off - but now he seems to really like it. Check it out...
We also got some cash dollars from my parents - which is AWESOME! And we also got a big, beautiful Kitchen Aid Mixer from Matt's parents. I LOVE it! It is so fast and easy and fun to mix things now. The only bad thing is that we only have about two feet of counter space in our home, and now with the mixer, we have maybe one. Matt said that we should not have the mixer on the counter because it takes up too much room. But if you have a big fancy mixer, you have to show it off a little. Right?! Anyways, it is super sweet!