Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday!

Well, I am officially an old woman - eeeek!! This weekend I turned the big 2-5
and boy was it a birthday to remember!! Matt is AMAZING!

The celebrations started Friday night when my very best friend and her family arrived Friday night. Matt had secretly arranged for them to come and spend the weekend with us. I was SO happy to see them! Me and Lianne used to hang out almost every day when we still lived in Edmonton. It's been lonely here without her! She is fantastic!
(We look super sicko in this picture - but every time we are together we still take one like this - not sure why)

The little boys were also SUPER excited to see eachother! They were screaming -happily- and laughing and played great together all weekend. They would always sneak off together and we could always hear them laughing and laughing. Very cute!! I love them!

Anyways, back to the birthday celebrations! Saturday morning I woke up to a DELICIOUS breakfast that Matt made - waffles with whip cream, strawberries, blueberries, some other kind of berries, bacon, eggs, the whole works. Delicious! Then we decided to spend the day at Calaway Park. It had been a super long time since any of us had been there - and we thought the boys would really like it. So, off we went!

Matt and Aiden on the Dinosaur Egg ride - not Aiden's favorite.
Aiden and Cameron on the Tot Yachts - definately Aiden's favorite ride ever!
He could have stayed on it all day!
OK - I look like a giant nerd in this picture - but you had to see Aiden.
This is how he looked after getting off of the Tot-Yacht ride. And that look pretty much
stayed with him all day unless he was on it. awesome!
Aiden waiting in line for the ride. This was pretty much the only time he had to
wait in line where he wasn't screaming his head off.
Riding the horses. This used to be my favorite ride - Aiden, not so much.
Ben and Lianne
and Me and Matt - such a sweet romantic picture!

After Calaway Park we went home where Matt cooked up another
delicious meal. BBQ Steak, garlic shrimp, baked potatoes, salad - yummy!!
And then it was time for.........
The birthday cupcake!! SUPER YUMMY!
(Matt got them here - you should go there!)

I got spoiled me rotten this year with all of the presents.
Lianne and family got me this really sweet set of picture frames that you use to make a photo collage thing on your wall. I am so excited to set it all up - and I'll be sure to show you once I do!

Matt really outdid himself this year. He got me..............
this super girly movie

this remote for my camera.....this light for my camera....
and this brand new beautiful camera.......the Nikon D90!


Before my birthday, Matt asked me what my best birthday ever was. I have had some pretty sweet birthdays growing up - but I am pretty sure that this one wins the prize! Way to go Matt!! You are amazing! I LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A few more...

It is hard to believe that Matt's years of school are over and done with.
It was a LONG 8 years! Lots of tough times, but I think more fun times!
It was a very happy and exciting day for everyone - but also a really sad day for Matt
and his classmates, or more appropriately - his friends.
They've all become so close - and it will be hard
for them to not see each other every day!
Hopefully there will be a few reunions for years to come!

Anyways, here's a few more pics from the Big Day!

the happy grad!

Me and Matt - I look super shrimpy!
But we did match really good!
Matt & his Parents
they raised such a good boy!The whole bunch!
Matt's class - a very sharp looking bunch!
Haha! I LOVE this picture of Matt! He looks so funny!
All Done!! Yippee!!
The guys in Matt's class - didn't get a picture of the girls.
After the ceremonies and picture taking - we had a really yummy luncheon,
and then a fantastic banquet that night. Matt had a brand new fancy
suit - he looked really good! And I had a brand new fancy dress - I
maybe looked good! haha!
And for some stupid reason - I didn't take a single picture.
Still smacking myself over that one. Oh well.
Maybe one will turn up sometime.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!

It's official!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats Matty.....or should I say.....................

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo, You can go too too too!

I LOVE the Calgary Zoo - and I LOVE that we live so close to it now! Matt has had the past few weeks off (he finished school, but can't legally work until June 8th) so we've been having some fun days together. It's been really nice! Anyways, we went to the Zoo a few days ago - bought some Zoo passes - very exciting! It will be fun for me and Aiden to go, and now if we only make it for an hour or two, we aren't wasting money! It's fun to go with Aiden now. He knows most of his animal sounds and he really likes to share them. It's funny!!
Here's a few pics from our time there!

The hippos! Thinking about getting out of the water..........
making a move...................
and finally out!
I have a TON more pictures of the hippo getting out of the water.
It took them FOREVER!! They are so slow - crazy!

Super cute giraffe!
This was Aiden's top pick of the day - a little monkey.
It was really cute and funny - and Aiden was laughing his head off!
And the people around us were really laughing at Aiden!

They have a Koala at the zoo for a few months. I used to be obsessed with koala's.
I think I wrote a report on them in school every single time that I got to choose
what my report was about. I'm a nerd!

I love how this gorilla posed for the camera!
I don't know what this is - but it's funny!
And it had an even funnier baby!

And finally the Tiger. Very nice.

If you are ever in town and want to join me and Aiden at the zoo - we have an annual guest pass.
So we can get anyone in for free - you just have to go with us! Might be fun though!! :)

Our Big Vacation

Just before we moved, we decided to go on a little family vacation. It was a bit of a reward for Matt for finishing school - and we wanted to go somewhere fun with Aiden - since we hadn't really yet. We decided to go to Vancouver/Seattle - and crazy enough, our best friends, the McMullins were going there at the same time. FUN!! So we got to hang out a bunch!

One of our first stops was at the Vancouver Aquarium.
It was really nice - and the little boys really liked it!
They are at such a fun age (most of the time!)

After a day or two in Vancouver, we drove out to Seattle.
It was really fun there!
And Matt is now addicted - he only wants to go back! haha!
Anyways, it's a beautiful city!
We "RODE THE DUCK" in Seatlle!
A super fun tour to go on - I HIGHLY recommend it to
anyone going there! You will LOVE it!
This was our captain - Captain Chaos!After the duck tour - we went to Pike Place Market.
Fun and crazy!
And Aiden RODE THE PIG!! He's making his piggy face here.
We went and ate supper at a fantastic place on the pier -
really yummy and really pretty!!
And no trip is complete without seeing the space needle.
We didn't actually go up it - just looked up at it!
When we came home we spent a bit of time at Whiterock beach
our friend Ben is from there. It was the first time that Aiden has been
to a beach - he LOVED it! As long as he didn't have to touch the sand with
his hands. We'll see if more exposure to sand changes that!

Our little buddies - so cute!Cameron - what a funny kid!
This is perhaps my favorite picture from the trip
I love everything about it!
Aiden digging on the beach - he grabbed a shovel
and walked far away from everyone else so that he could dig in private.

On our last day we went to Stanley Park - really nice!
And I'm glad we brought the shark boots -
they got used a lot!

Anyways, a super fun trip! The only crappy part was right before we left (we were at Matt's parents place) our neighbor phoned to say our house had been robbed. They didn't take too much, and they didn't vandalise stuff real bad. But I mostly didn't like the fact that someone had been in my house and had snooped around in my things. That is the reason that our move to Airdrie happened VERY quickly! I just wanted to get out of there! And I'm so glad that we did!
I LOVE it here! Matt does too - and I think Aiden is happy too! More about that later I guess!