Monday, December 14, 2009

...All I Want For Christmas....

To Our Sunbeams Class:
"What is one thing you want Santa to bring you this year."
"A reindeer that is big enough to ride around. Or a car big enough to ride in."
"Santa isn't real....He died a long time ago."
and my personal favorite
"A scarecrow that is Jesus. Standing with his feet together and his arms out."
(hmmmm...not sure a crucifix is the way to go....haha)
Kids are funny!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Visit with Santa...

Last year we took Aiden to see Santa. He was not overly impressed.
This is the picture we got.
This year we decided to try again. We've really been talking about Santa
and Aiden is always excited to see anything Santa. We got to the mall and
Aiden waved and waved to Santa - he was all smiles.
Then came time to sit on Santa's lap.
Here's what we got.
Sorry Santa!! I think next year our picture will be really
funny with 2 little boys doing this!