Sunday, February 14, 2010


Look at these shoes! Can you imagine seeing someone walking down the street wearing them.........or sitting next to you in church?! Yikes!
I guess they would be really warm for winter - maybe it's time for me to invest!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Trouble With Teeth!

Both times that I have been pregnant, I have definitely had my fair share of problems with my teeth. When I was pregnant with Aiden I got 9 - YES 9 - cavities! One of them was so bad it needed a root canal treatment too. So, that was fun. This time around I have managed to make it with only 4 cavities. At least only 4 that we need to fix, and 3 that we are just going to keep an eye on. Thank goodness I am married to a dentist - and a very excellent one at that!

And I think that I probably won't be having too many babies -
or I might end up looking like this!!
YIKES!!! How would you like kissing that mouth?!?

Friday, February 5, 2010

He's Coming!

Baby Gibb #2 - more lovingly Old Toby - is coming soon! It's crazy to think that I'm only 5 weeks away from my due date. This pregnancy has been another pretty good one. It's mostly felt like it's gone by pretty fast and I've felt mostly good. My back and hips have been more sore this time around so I've been using the heating pad a lot. That seems to help quite a bit. I've also been sleeping pretty crappy for quite a long time. I wake up tons every night to go to the bathroom and to reposition myself. Luckily Aiden lets me sleep in most days.
Matt thinks I'm looking smaller this time than last time. Hopefully I am and hopefully that means I get to have a smaller baby. Aiden was 8'10" - plenty big.....I don't need any bigger. My doctor is still considering inducing me a week early and I really hope she sticks with that plan! Maybe I'll cry a lot and see what that does.
Anyways, as fun as being pregnant is, I'm getting real excited to meet my little guy! I can't wait to see how similar, but at the same time how different, he is from Aiden. His looks, his personality, everything. So hurry up Old Toby!! haha!!