Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Wow! We had a very busy, but a very fantastic Christmas!
We started off Christmas at our place with my family.
We had it a few days early, since my parents are going
on a hot holiday and it was the only time we could all get together.
It was great seeing everyone and spending time together!

Our Christmas Tree

Yes, Aiden is a teeny bit drooly lately!
Aiden got a new Pound Puppy (it's on the floor beside him)
He LOVES it!

After Christmas with my family, we headed out to the Big House
in Fernie for Christmas with Matt's family. His two sisters
and their families weren't there - and we missed having them around.
But I guess it did make for some extra room!

We were lucky enough to go snowboarding for one day - we wanted to go for more
but the snow wasn't that fantastic. Darn! It was still a lot of fun though!
And I am so grateful that people actually wanted to watch Aiden for a day! Thank you!
Me and Kristy (Matt's Sister)
Me and Matt didn't get any pictures together - the camera died :(

Christmas Eve was spent playing a few games
and doing the traditional Christmas Eve Stuff. Very nice!

And we had a bit of playing outside too! Aiden only wanted to be outside
He LOVED it!

And Christmas Morning!
Our Family - ignore the tired, sick looking us!
I also finally finished making stockings. They were super annoying to make
but I'm real happy with them! I think they look great!

Now Christmas is over, and we are just hanging out at home
until Matt goes back to school. It's kindof nice to just relax together!
Hope everyone else had a great holiday!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Cookie!

The other day me and Aiden were at Safeway buying groceries. We got in line to pay and an older guy got in line behind us. Aiden stared at him for a really long time, it was funny! Aiden wouldn't smile, wave, move, nothing. Anyways, this guy was buying a big tub of cookies. He asked if Aiden could have one - and I said "Why Not". So, he gave Aiden this cookie. Aiden took it and held it and continued to stare at the guy. He wouldn't bite his cookie, wouldn't let me put it in his mouth and definitely wouldn't let me take itaway. It was really funny!
I let Aiden hold his cookie all the way home, and once we got home, he still wouldn't let me take it
away. I put him in his high-chair with his cookie
and he played with it for about half an hour.
And he only ever ate the teeniest tiniest
bite - What a nerd!!

And I know that picture of Aiden is not very flattering - but he wasn't into the camera that day!